Manchester Worktops receives its fair share of questions about the different types of worktops and services we provide. Here is a list of some of the common questions we get, hopefully the FAQ Section will help you along the way to managing your project, if you have any queries which we don’t cover here please get in touch, we are a phone call away or just drop us a message here.

Quotes & Payments

Do I need a professional drawing to get a quotation?
No, a sketch will do, as long as it gives the dimensions and details of any cut-outs you want. Please send it by e-mail, text message or you can drop us a message via our website here.

We can do the dimensions, drawings and show you physical samples to get the best overview of your project, give us a call for more information.
How do I pay?
Payment can be made by card, cash or instant bank transfer.

Sorry but we do not accept cheques and we cannot process American Express card payments.
Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes, we ask for a 50% deposit at time of order to begin the work and cutting to size.

The balance is then paid on completion of the work.

Worktops & Materials

What types of worktops do you supply?

We can supply and fit Granite, Quartz & Marble

What is the best thickness for worktops?
Natural stone is available in a range of thicknesses. Most work tops are undertaken in 20mm. or 30mm. We can also join varying thicknesses of stone to create deep edge profiles.
Can I get a sample of the stone?
Yes, we can either send you a sample or come and visit you with a selection of stones so that you can get a better view of the different types we have.

Templating & Installation

Will you visit me to make templates for our worktops?
Yes, Once the kitchen is properly fitted, we can take the accurate measurements required to manufacture your worktops.
What do I need to do before you template?
It is very important that all the units are in place, level and secured to the walls. We also require that any bowls or hobs, that will be incorporated into the worktops, are on site or in place (for under-mounted sinks).
Do I need to be there when you template and install?
It is best if you are there when we template to answer any questions we might have. The same applies to fitting, so that you can confirm that you are happy with the finished product.
Can we plaster the walls after you have templated?
No, this needs to be done before templating. Tiling should be done after the worktops have been installed.
If I am just replacing my existing worktops, do they have to be removed before you template?
Yes please, we need to template directly on top of the units so please have them loosened or removed. You can put them back after we have templated, until we fit the new ones. Likewise, sinks, taps and hobs should all be disconnected before we arrive.
How long does the process take?
From templating to fitting, this takes a few days for us to measure and cut stone to required size. On the day of fitting it usually takes between 2-6 hours to carry out the worktop installation and complete finishing touches. This is all dependant on size of the project.

Other Enquiries

Do you do other stone products / projects?
Yes, we can quote on any other type of job you have in mind. We have supplied and fitted Fireplace Hearths, Window Sills, Reception Desks and created matching Chopping Boards, Hot Rod Trivets and other Accessories. – see more here.
What areas do you cover for Kitchen Worktop fitting?
We cover all of the North West for any size job, for any other UK area please get in touch with your project and we will Quote.
Do you install in high-rise flats
We can supply and fit if building has suitable lift to fit worktop and materials.

If not, we can work extra cost of the quote for manual handling up stairs and extra labour, please get in touch and provide us with further information